Links To Great Websites for More Comics

Uncle Hungry (Supernaturaltoe)

This is Supernaturaltoe! She is a very famous author and she is very talented with her humor. Please check her website out! She has great comic that I can assure you that you will love!The comic series that she is known for is 'Uncle Hungry'. Uncle Hungry is a purple, truck driving, flesh thing with a penchant for cross dressing, summoning Elder Gods and owl abuse! You will enjoy Uncle Hungry's adventures when he is cracking jokes with owls, drivin' his red truck, and havin' a date with his gnome! The link is right here:

Been Here Before (iPhoenix)

Iphoenix is another great comic creator! He is very good at what he does and he makes a wonderful comic series called "Been Here Before". You will laugh your socks of when you read this series and it will take you into a journey of laughter! The link is right here

The Official Website for Joetoon1's 'The Office

Joetoon1 is a great author and had created more than 6OO COMICS! This site he has made is an awesome site about one of his famous series, The Office... This comic series is addictive and hilarious! For more information, please go to his site at: